Status: International public organization


“Think Tanks” working on original research and educational programs aimed at educating and influencing politicians and officials, opinion-formers on a wide range of economic, social, political, environmental issues and security issues.

In addition, they have provided a means of social control and, therefore, affect the goals and values of society.

The Sofia club is organizing large scale studies on a wide range of issues, but mainly in the socio-economic  field.

Theoretical work of the Sophia club includes:

  • global modeling and philosophical arguments about the existence of man in the modern world, values life and the prospects of human development;
  • creation socio-economic computer models;
  • finding ways of humanization of man and the world;
  • To organizing Global Philosopher (WWGP) (like Global  Mathematician «Nicolas Bourbaki »);
  • To organizing multi-authored online science fiction world-building project (like Orion’s Arm). Anyone can contribute articles, stories, artwork, or music to the A large mailing list exists, in which members debate aspects of the world they are creating, discussing additions, modifications, issues arising, and work to be done. Project materials must be distributed under a license Creative Commons;
  • To organizing the Global Research Center is a virtual center through which the heads of national science funding agencies from many countries meet to discuss cooperation, review practices, promote research on and directions for scientific funding worldwide;
  • To organizing like lnstapundit’s content consists of links to other sites, particularly those that «Sophia Club» believes offer viewpoints not widely expressed in other media, often with brief His frequent use of “heh,” “indeed,” and “read the whole thing” have been widely imitated and are often parodied by other bloggers;
  • To organizing World Wide Intellectual Club (like Cafe de Regance, in Paris, 1715);



  • Millennial transformation of Civilization;
  • Philosophy of Politics;
  • Sacred futurology;
  • Prosfatalogia {science information structure);
  • The threat of “slow growth”;
  • Reduction of biodiversity;
  • Synthetic biology;
  • The paradox of C13 {the threat of extinction of men)


  • Global identity and algorithms for the salvation of Civilization;
  • The problem of life support of Civilization;
  • Mellanistic (geopolitical macroeconomics);
  • Sacred geography (positioning of society over time);
  • Valeology (continued GIO – 2004);
  • Space threats;
  • Asteroid threats;
  • The oceans and the tectonics of the Earth (magnetic-dynamic reality)

Previous reports of the global “brain factories”

  • «Critique of Pure Reason» (1781) – Immanuel Kant, Germany
  • «The Boctrine of the Biosphere» – Vladimir Vernadsky, Russia
  • «The Structure of Scientific Revolutions» (1962) – Thomas Kuhn, USA
  • «Lost Humanity» (Mathematical Model of the Development of Civilization, the «Zero Mathematical Model of the World»)- Hasan Ozbekhan, Turkey, USA
  • «The Direction of Time» (1971) – Hans Reichenbach, Germany (USA)
  • Method of System Dynamics” (project “The Limits to growth», 1972), Dennis Meadows (USA)
  • «Theory of Multi-level Hierarchical Systems» – Mihajlo Mesarovic (Serbia),
  • Macko, Vasuhiko Takahara (Japan)
  • «The Concept of Organic Growth»- Mihajlo Mesarovic (Serbia), Eduard Pestel (Germany)
  • «Long Futures and Type IV Civilizations» – Zoltan Galantai {Hungary)